Firm Body Fitness of Mendham, NJ, owned and operated by Barbara and Robert Mason, is a private, personal training, assisted stretching, and IM=X Pilates facility that provides custom-designed programs for clients of all ages and fitness levels. With years of health and fitness experience, the professional staff at Firm Body Fitness are among the most accredited and accomplished in North Jersey.

Robert Mason


Over 30 years experience in Personal Training.  Active Release Therapist III;  Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist from The Institute for Aerobic Research;  American Council on Exercise (ACE) Gold Certified;Cooper  Institute Master & Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist; Level II Certified Flexibility Therapist; Certified Massage Therapist; Level II Certified Rock Tape/Fascial Movement Taping Provider. 2003 International Body Building Foundation (INBF) Mr. Natural New Jersey Masters Division; 2007 Hercules Lightweight Open Body-Building Championship, 3rd place, 2009 Eastern America INBF Masters Over 40 2nd place; 2010 INBF Northeast America Masters Overall Champion.

Private: $95 per session

Semi-Private: $60 per person
30-Minute Stretch:  $60 per session

Barbara Mason


Over 30 years experience in Personal Training. American Council on Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified;  IMX Pilates Certified Instructor;  ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant;  Cooper Institute Master & Advanced Physical Fitness Specialist;  Level II Certified Flexibility Therapist; Certified Massage Therapist, Level I Certified Rock Tape/Fascial Movement Taping Provider.

Private: $85 per session

Semi-Private: $55 per person
1/2 Hour private: $55 per session

All One Hour Therapy Sessions Including ART,
Stretch and Massage: $100 per session

Personal Fitness Training

 Firm Body Fitness provides personal fitness training for clients of all ages. According to a recent article in The New York Times Magazine, the benefits of strength and resistance training include:

  •  Weight control, including decrease in waist circumference and ab-dominal fat.
  •  Increasing muscle mass to improve strength and metabolic rate.
  •  Lowering the risk of developing dia-betes and cardiovascular disease.
  •  Improving cardiovascular fitness.

 Strength Training has been shown to increase muscle tone, decrease body fat, and increase your metabolic rate by increasing the calories you burn on a daily basis. The more calories you burn, the more chance you have to drop body fat. You will also experience the positive mental benefits and feel accomplished, secure, and strong. You will look and feel your best!

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Sports Therapy

 At Firm Body Fitness, we offer Stretch-to-Win assisted stretching and Active Release Therapy (ART) to enable our clients to achieve the maximum range of motion and best possible fitness results. Using a unique combinations of angles, positions, and techniques, Stretch-to-Win assisted stretching is a highly effec-tive way to:

  •  Improve the ease of movement and posture.
  •  Reduce injuries by enabling muscles to lengthen more efficiently.

 ART is a hands-on touch and case management system for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries, such as repetitive strains, adhesions, and joint disfunction. ART enables the breakdown of scar tissue, allowing injured tissue to heal and regain normal function. Assisted Stretching and Active Release Therapy are crucial to help your body move more freely and perform at its maximum level!

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Sports Conditioning

 The American College of Sports Medicine has lauded the benefits of properly designed and supervised weight training programs for children and adolescents. Such programs have been shown to:
Enhance fitness skills (e.g., sprinting and jumping) and improve sports–specific performance.
Improve the ability to recover from repetitive overuse of muscles incurred during sports performance.
Reduce injuries by strengthening and balancing muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
Here at Firm Body Fitness, our school-aged athletes make incredible changes in their sports perfor-mance. We have been happy to see many of our ath-letes successfully compete at region-al and national lev-els and as part of very successful high school and collegiate athletic programs

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Jockey Hollow Professional Park | 5 Cold Hill Road South
Suite 16 | Mendham | New Jersey 07945


Mon-Fri: 7am-9pm | Sat-Sun: 8am-4pm


Jockey Hollow Professional Park | 5 Cold Hill Road South
Suite 16 | Mendham | New Jersey 07945


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